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Release day is finally here! Some dear pals and I have been working tirelessly on our new OB project and we’re so excited to finally share it with you:

Hey Clone Club!

We are so lucky to have an incredibly supportive and strong community on Tumblr already. However, as much as we love Tumblr, its format means that no matter how good or relevant or funny or poignant a post is, it tends to disappear into the ether, never to be seen again. Furthermore, in-depth discussion and building of ideas (and headcanons!) is incredibly fragmented and non-sequential.

Clone Club Book Club is our combined effort to remedy that and then some. A place to discuss show related science, theories, themes, books/film, and socialize! We aren’t looking to replace Tumblr, just make a space where dialogue can occur more coherently. You are more than welcome to link back to your blog, but we’re hoping that your blog also links back to CCBC so that people can discuss what your post is about!

Welcome aboard Clone Club Book Club! Enjoy your stay!

Sincerely your CCBC buddies, 

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shut your fucking mouth asshole ! You think Hook was aggresive toward Emma ?? HEY REGINA PUNCHED EMMA IN THE FACE AND EMMA DID THE SAME AND YOU SHIP THEM, she tried to kill her, she made her feel like she's the worst shit alive.... you're such a goddamn hypocrite, do you know that ?

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well thank you, swanenchanted, for your infinite wisdom! though I wonder why you’d feel the need to run amok in people’s inboxes calling them assholes? is that a way to start a conversation? I’m a ‘goddamn hypocrite’ because I think that a man who has admitted to rape (using alcohol to have his way with women), who forced himself on Emma more than once, who joked that his female partner had been gang raped by his crew, and who called Emma ‘dried up and useless’ (i.e. not ‘wet and ready’ for him and therefore useless) is in fact a man who symbolizes/represents numerous elements of rape culture? Enjoy drinking the kool-aid, because the people who share your rabid obsession with a sexually violent pirate are not people who I would ever want to associate with. The biggest problem in all of this, is that what I’m calling an obsession is actually something encouraged, crafted, manipulated, at times manufactured completely, by a dominant media system that simply wants your money and doesn’t care if you enjoy your life or have healthy relationships. Sad, really, that we’re both victims in this scenario but you’d rather call me an asshole even though you don’t know me, don’t know the life I live, don’t know how much people in my life care about me and think that I’m actually a good person! You’d rather turn on me than think about just what the men who run the OUaT-verse are doing and the deliberate damage they’re inflicting. 

You’ve made me sad for the state of humanity. But, then again, I was already sad, because it’s easy to see the links between a television show and its perpetuation of awful ideas and sick hierarchies, and the violence that predominately white male police officers are perpetuating in Ferguson. 

If you troll my blog, which you obviously do, you’ll see responses to questions about Regina/Emma’s relationship and how I actually felt about scenes in which they were fighting. I felt that they were shoddily written, out of character, and masculinist. I was not happy with those scenes. So please get your information about me straight, even if you’re going to continually call me names. 

Thank you. Enjoy your day. I’m sure that there are people who you care about who care about you, who think that you’re a good person and who will reinforce that image for you. Which is good! 

“she tried to kill her”
do i have to mention how he left her to starve or when he took the bean and left emma,henry and the whole town to die while Regina was trying to save them?

“she made her feel like she’s the worst shit alive…. “
"you’re such a goddamn hypocrite"

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Please share this. This is what’s going on in Ferguson.

The fact that people have to “prepare to be assaulted by the police” is just..

I don’t have the words. Its awful. Truly awful.

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