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I don’t think that Hook giving up his ship was the biggest sacrifice made in 3b. I understand that a ship is the symbol of who he was, and his home for hundreds of years. However, I think that Charming sacrificing his heart is way more of a sacrifice than giving up a ship. When Hook gave up his ship, he still had potential to find Emma and be happy. Charming understood the fact that he would never see Snow, Emma, or his unborn child ever again.”

Or Neal giving up his life, is one big sacrifice.. Dead is dead, no turning back..

Same with Rumple, he gave up his life as well.. One of the things he feared the most.. Regina, giving up her happy ending for the sake of Henry.. The one thing she fought her whole life for..

Yeah there are a lot of bigger sacrifices than a fucking ship.

Emma should have been like “you gave up your ship for me?” And then burst out laughing in his face like “you’re kidding me right? That’s your a game?”

- I gave up my ship for you
- thanks man! High five?

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I am not of color but....


I just want to make it clear that the ouat thing isn’t just about the lgbt community. It’s about women as well as people of color. This isn’t about a ship. This isn’t about making them do SQ this is about changing media in general.

This is a deeply personal thing for me that we don’t get…

Ballsy yet real.

I agree with the silence. I empathise with the cast and crew. But as a pan latina woman I am tired of rape culture and subtle (not so sublte) racism. We need change and it’s usually accomplished from within. We are afraid for our livelihoods and being harassed so we dont stand up for what we believe in. When women believe Captain Hook is a Prince Charming (the stereotype of what men should be) it worries me. When we still believe latinos are maids and gardeners and black people are lazy or gang members it enrages me to no end. When the LGBT community is under scrutiny for sexual deviance and treated as second class citizens and we allow shows to continue the abuse and enable homophobic actions we must stand up for the greater good even if means a rough road to be traveled. We must not take the path of least resistance. We must act.

The broken locks were a warning you got inside my head
I tried my best to be guarded, I’m an open book instead
I still see your reflection inside of my eyes
That are looking for a purpose, they’re still looking for life

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